KordonLight - Cordon survey light - October 2022

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Knowledge of current traffic flows is of great importance for traffic planning measures. For the city of Vienna, the cross-city passenger traffic volume for a typical working day is to be determined in a simplified way without dedicated travel surveys. As a survey method, existing mobile phone data will be analyzed and compared with available count data. For this purpose, existing surveys on public passenger transport and permanent motor vehicle counting stations will be used. For nine corridors, the modal split is to be determined as the number of people crossing the corridor by car or public transport on a working day (analysis period October 2022) inbound or outbound from the city. Since only railway based and total passenger traffic can be determined from the mobile phone data so far, correction factors are required to extract the shares in regular bus traffic and truck traffic from the remaining traffic. The car trips at the city boundary determined in this way are to be converted to persons using appropriate car occupancy ratios. All data submitted are to be checked for plausibility by comparison with previous surveys.
Effective start/end date1/03/231/08/23


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