Krottendorf-Gaisfeld - Spatial vision concept for the regional area of Krottendorf-Gaisfeld

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Housing space and building land for private homes in cities are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, which is why more and more young people are migrating from cities to peri-urban surrounding communities in order to realise their dream of affordable homes in green surroundings. At the same time as this trend, a large part of the local (peri-urban) population is ageing and increasingly feels overwhelmed by its own living situation. Since a large part of these inhabitants of urban surrounding communities carry out their work in the next larger cities and the older people are dependent on supply and support outside the municipal area, commuting out and in becomes an indispensable necessity. Those small communities and settlement areas that have a high-level public transport connection (e.g. a fast suburban railway or a well-developed bus connection to the nearest cities) can benefit greatly from this in terms of their future development. In addition to a favourable public transport connection, an attractive environment (landscape and natural area) with a varied leisure offer massively enhances such places as "living space" and attracts even more future residents. These circumstances give rise to well-considered visions of the future for such peri-urban communities. It needs sustainable concepts to cover the demand for new forms of life, housing, work and care for aging and young people, as well as young people and children in rural regions.
Effective start/end date1/10/1930/06/20


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