LISA-1 - Testunterstützung für Projekt "LISA Pathfinder" Aligment of GPRM, Phase 1

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LISA Pathfinder is a challenging Space mission by European Space Agency to investigate gravitational waves. LISA will be launched in 2015. Prime contractor is EADS-Astrium. A key element of the LISA Technology Package (LTP) are free-flying masses and a Laser interferometer which is used to measure the distances between these masses. The goal of the experiment is the verification that the test masses can be put into free fall. For this reason a special caging mechanism holding the test mass has to be constructed. This is the responsibility of MAGNA-Steyr in Graz, acting as subcontractor to EADS. The Institute supports MAGNA-Steyr in optical alignment and calibration activities.
Effective start/end date1/02/1231/05/12


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