Localization of Electrical Sources from MCG and BSP

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      Noninvasive imaging of cardiac electrical function from body surface potential or magnetic field data has attained increasing interest. In combination with imaging modalities like magnetic resonance imaging it has become possible to reconstruct the primary sources in the human heart fully noninvasively with temporal resolution in the order of milliseconds and spatial resolution of millimeters. Till now, no other modality for functional imaging allowed resolution of electrical function of comparable order. In near future this modality will assist cardiologists performing functional electrical diagnostics. The objective of this project was to compare reconstruction from BSP and MCG data. An inverse method for the estimation of the activation time map on the epi-and endocardium was applied. In a first step a three-dimensional cellular automaton model of the human left and right ventricle was adapted to simulate the AT pattern and the BSP and MCG in the forward problem for normal ventricular depolarization. Afterwards in the inverse problem the AT pattern was estimated from these simulated synthetic BSP and MCG data. In a second step the same inverse approach was applied to measured BSP and MCG data from a healthy volunteer.
      Effective start/end date1/01/9731/12/00


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