LoLiWood - Long Life Wood - Resilience in multi-storey wooden residential buildings

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Increasing urbanisation and climate change present us with the challenge of quality, sustainable and affordable living space. Especially in Styria, the Austria's most densely wooded province, wood is an excellent primary building material for this purpose. However, the high constructional complexity, lack of knowledge and experience of the parties involved often lead to construction and/or long-term damage. On the part of experts and insurance companies, the service life in the case of wooden buildings, the image of the wooden buildings suffers as a result. However, in order to reduce CO2 consumption in the construction sector in the long term, the longest possible Maintenance of value and thus service life of the building fabric is a basic prerequisite. The "LoLiWood" study collects and evaluates data on multi-storey wooden residential buildings of the past 30 years and compares them in terms of their resilience and Longevity at the design level.
Effective start/end date1/10/1930/04/21


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