LOPT-GNSS - Hose-line optimization with GNSS

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Supplying water for extinguishing purposes to affected areas is a big problem with fires in exposed locations. Each year forest fires and fires in infrastructure facilities endanger human life and cause damage of several million of euros with a significant impact on national economies in Europe. LOPT-GNSS aims to provide an innovative tool for quick and safe support of fire fighters. This tool helps to increase efficiency in building water supply lines and as a result protect human life, animals and infrastructure facilities. The chosen approach led to the development of an Android smartphone application using a variety of smartphone integrated sensors. This project focuses on two system versions. A common outdoor smartphone supported by a specifically developed sensor box and a high-end smartphone integrating inertial sensors and a barometer sensor. Based on the actual coordinates and in real time the Android application calculates the most suitable locations of individual pumps. Furthermore a user-friendly graphic interface enables error free planning and secure guidance. To sum up, here we report LOPT-GNSS, a smartphone application with the aim to increase efficiency of both technical hose lines setting and number of required staff.
Effective start/end date1/02/1231/05/13


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