LPT Inject - Reduction of Tip Leakage Losses of Low Pressure Turbines by Applying Passive Flow Injection

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Two university institutes as well as an Austrian supplier of the aeronautics industry join their forces to achieve the objectives of the proposed project LPT-INJECT. Passive blade tipinjection, recently developed by the Institute of Energy Systems and Thermodynamics, is a novel innovative method to reduce tip-leakage losses in uncooled axial turbine blade rows. The proposed project should answer the question, if passive blade tip-injection can be applied successfully to high speed low-pressure turbines for geared turbofans. Preliminary investigations have already been performed in the project MICROSHROUD. It is the main objective to achieve a weight reduction of the low-pressure turbine blade shrouds without any efficiency penalty due to increased tip-leakage losses.
Effective start/end date1/04/1431/03/15


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