MBSE 2022 - The value of functions in a MBSE development approach for mechatronic systems

Project: Research project

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The main objective of this project is to set up a demonstrator for the project partner. Therefore, the storyline incl. the design change scenario has to be defined to illustrate a MBSE development approach that include mechanical and electrical/electronical disciplines. In provided IT tools (NX, SMW, Capital) , models have to be generated to illustrate the development approach and how its artefacts can be connected. For CAD-Design MBSE is currently not providing a clear descriptive methodology, which is additionally supported by tools. Classic MBSE Methods (e.g. SysML) do not have a significant value for mechanic design, as there are no established methods or standards for a definition of mechnical systems in all levels of detail. Effects on design or concept change need to be identified and documented very early in the Design Phase. MBSE could support here very effeiciently but currently the major business domains neither work with connectable methods nor with integrated business platforms to support this.
Effective start/end date1/05/2230/09/22


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