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A company is to be founded, funded by the European Union as part of the Investment in Growth & Employment.Austria. program - EFRE* and the Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds - KWF, which offers a product both for the promotion of electromobility and for decentralized energy supply systems with batteries. The knowledge base necessary for this was created in several years of research work and secured in the form of a patent. Electromobility: A purchase decision for a purely electric vehicle is often not made because of the uncertainty regarding the range or the fear of not reaching the destination. Using the example of an electric scooter, the "ECO-PowerDrive" research consortium funded by FFG, SFG and Land OÖ in the "Hy-Scooter" subproject showed that a plug-in hybrid variant with purely electric drive, supplemented by a RangeExtender (REX), represents an economical alternative under certain conditions. This eliminates the fear of range at not higher acquisition costs and, thus, favors the purchase decision. The company intends to develop, manufacture and offer such a RangeExtender unit as an add-on solution for different vehicle classes (two-wheelers, municipal and construction vehicles). First of all, the application with the highest potential in terms of possible sale volume and profit margin must be determined. Decentralized energy supply through battery systems: Also here, the RangeExtender unit can bring advantages. It is not intended to compete with renewable forms of energy generation, but to complement them. The aim is to supplement off-grid renewable energy systems (solar, wind, etc.) with a battery storage unit with a reliable energy source (REX) in such a way that these can be designed to save costs and resources (e.g. for 90% of cases). The company wants to offer consulting services for the design of such energy systems as well as the product - the RangeExtender - required to safeguard the remaining cases (10%). * Detailed information to IWB/EFRE can be found at
Effective start/end date1/11/1931/07/20


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