METIS - MicroElectronics Training, Industry and Skills

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Microelectronics are the brains of all modern services and products. With incredible processing power, they enable billions of computations per second and store vast data. Artificial Intelligence, smartphones, computers, cloud storage, automobiles, space travel and medical equipment all rely on microelectronics. To advance its competitiveness, the EU microelectronics sector needs to overcome severe skills shortages. In this light, METIS (MicroElectronics Training, Industry and Skills) brings a unique European partnership establishing a sustainable framework to: • analyse key global trends affecting the sector and provide strategic insights and foresights • anticipate emerging skills needs, identify jobs of the future, define related occupational profiles and monitor progress in the domain of human capital for microelectronics • develop a Sector Skills Strategy to support the global leadership of the EU microelectronics industry, establishing operational linkages between skills and the future of the sector • federate European synergies towards the needs of data-driven technologies such as artificial intelligence enabled by advanced microelectronics and its skills requirements • establish an EU Microelectronics Observatory & Skills Council • design and deliver a modular and blended curriculum, integrating work-based learning that uses OER • pave the way for the pan-European recognition and certification of innovative VET • use innovative tools such as industry mentoring to facilitate inter-generational transfer of knowledge in the sector • embed social (diversity & inclusion) and environmental sustainability (circular economy) issues and EU policy goals in workforce development
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/23


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