Mobile and Wearable Computing

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One of the broad trends emerging in advanced human-computer interaction is the increasing portability of computing power. In the post-PC era of computing, human attention is conserved in an environment with computing functionality embedded in physical devices that are widely distributed. In this environment, users do not interact with any particular computing device, but rather with the functionality and services offered by the set of devices at hand. In this environment, computing functionality is always available to the user, although the services and devices available will change. Our research in Mobile and Wearable Computing addresses key issues related to wearable, ubiquitous, pervasive, and invisible computing, including: hardware architectures, including mobile, handheld, wireless and wearable technologies and devices, such as low-power processors, hardware-based power management systems; software architectures, including middleware and distributed computing issues for ubiquitous computing, such as distributed operating systems, adaptive protocols, software-based power management systems; and applications of wearable computing in task-focused domains (e.g., maintenance and repair, training).
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/01/05


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