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The aim of this research division is the numerical simulation of fluid flow problems applying modern computational methods as well as the derivation and improvement of models to capture the relevant physical effects.Thereby, in-house developed computer programs which are continuously modified and improved as well as commercial codes are used. The considered flow problems range from compressible flows like the propagation of shocks to incompressible external as well as internal flows like turbulent channel flow. As for the computation of turbulent flows the method of Direct Numerical Simulation is used as well as classical RANS models. The concept of Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) is used for the simulation of turbulent reacting flows. External flow configurations of relevance for sport aerodynamics are simulated using commercial codes. The thereby obtained results are validated against experimental data from in-house windtunnel measurements. A further research topic considers the modeling of the velocity boundary layer and the heat transfer in convective boiling flow. There, the main goal is to improve the numerical predictions for the wall heat fluxes in boiling flows.
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