modfridgeKP - Modular, temperature-controlled storage system for automated laboratory analysis systems

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For the cooling of medical samples (blood samples, urine samples,...) has developed a concept that differs from the existing solutions available on the market in that the cooling of the sample is not effected by an air flow but by a heat transfer medium that is conducted along the sample. According to initial estimates, this can significantly reduce the cooling time of the sample and also significantly increase the reliability and uniformity of the cooling. Based on these estimates, it is now necessary to draw up an overall plant concept and to build it up on a proof-of-concept scale to demonstrate the technical feasibility. The following questions are to be answered: Is it possible to create a conclusive overall concept from the individual sample cooling concepts and how can these concepts be evaluated with regard to their suitability? Based on the available data, is there an optimal plant concept with regard to plate performance, mechanical stability, energy efficiency and robustness?
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/21


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