ModKap - Thermodynamically consistent modelling of solvent absorption in polymer encapsulations

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ModKap intends to revolutionize the design of polymer encapsulated electronics. The goal is the model based choice of an appropriate polymer in a solvent surrounding as in medical or automotive applications. Furthermore, the thickness of the polymer layer should be predicted. The method will be developed on the basis of a thermodynamic model which is parametrized with experimental data so that it is able to predict the solvent absorption in polymer-solvent pairs. This model is also the basis for the prediction of the diffusion of the solvents in the polymers; whereas also the diffusion because of the heat input due to the electronics. This way, the three dimensional distribution of the solvent in the polymer can be predicted. In the case of a successful project, not only the design of polymer encapsulated polymers could be simplified, but the model could also be applied in polymer recycling or to model drug delivery systems for pharmaceuticals.
Effective start/end date1/12/2130/11/24


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