MULTIBEAM, EU-Project SM&T - Development of a Three Beam Laser Interferometer.

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    There is an urgent need for improved standards and measurement equipment for acceptance and periodic tests of machine tools. About 75% of the new machine tools do not conform to their specifications. This causes production problems with machine tools, loss of production time, extra adjustments or repairs and a shorter useful life of expensive machine tools. Nowadays there are no complete and easy method to use standards for acceptance and periodic tests of machine tools and many companies do not have the knowledge to specify and check machine tools in the right way. Also, the measurements of machine tools take a lot of time and are not sufficiently accurate because suitable measurement equipment is not available. The objectives of the project are a) to improve ISO- and CEN-standards and their use, b) to improve measuring equipment, c) to define the required accuracy of turning- and machining centres and d) to define the correlation between the machine tool properties and the work piece characteristics.
    Effective start/end date1/12/9730/11/00


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