Natural ventilation of high rise buildings

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At first sight a high rise building seems inherently energy efficient. The existing wind pressure in greater heights often makes it impossible to use conventional external sun protection and openable windows. That is why usually mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning are being applied and used all year round. Hence, strategies that allow natural ventilation of high buildings have a high potential to improve the energy efficiency. That is why the concept of the winning project of the competition for the new HQ of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt (Germany) consists of natural ventilation of the building only. This idea was then further developed within this research project. The following advantages may apply: greater energy efficiency during operation, reducing embodied energy, lower risks of sick building syndrome, reducing operating costs as well as costs for construction. The results were presented to the scientific community on the international congress in Kyoto, Japan in October 2008.
Effective start/end date1/01/041/10/08


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