NextGenGridOpt - Optimising grid-based energy systems with next-generation methods

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In NextGenGridOpt, a methodological framework is being developed with which grid-based energy systems can be planned, analysed and optimised. For the first time, all essential components (buildings, consumer plants, grid, generation plants) are coupled in an overall model. and dynamically mapped in high temporal and spatial detail. For this purpose, a workflow is being developed that generates the necessary models in a semi-automated way on the basis of data transfers from based on data transfers from geographic information systems (GIS) and databases. This makes it possible to analyse and optimise complex system configurations in a short processing time and with low susceptibility to errors. The building models are created with a semi-automatic workflow already developed at the applicant, based on GIS data. A promising first approach is also available for the automated creation of network geometries or for the hydraulic design of the line pipes.
Effective start/end date1/05/2230/04/24


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