Numerical computation of iron losses in a permanent assisted synchronous machine taking account of the kind of magnetisation due to higher harmonics.

  • Grabner, Christian (Principal Investigator (PI))

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The application of numerical methods within the calculation of hysteresis- and eddy current losses leads to the inclusion of locally varying magnetization effects across the electrical machine. The vector of the magnetic flux density follows at each space fixed position during the normal operational state, characterized with a three phase power supply and a rotating rotor part, a specific space cycle diagram. The usage of the Fourier analysis leads immediately to the fundamental and higher order components for further usage. Thus, in dependency of the position, i.e. a fundamental elliptical magnetization will occur. Moreover, the two limiting cases, such as a fundamental alternating and rotating magnetization are observable, in particular at the stator tooth and the stator joke, respectively. The measured iron losses for the alternating and rotating magnetization case at different frequencies allows the derivation of specific coefficients for usage in the numerical analysis. Thus, a separately evaluation of hysteresis- and eddy current losses is very practicable with this introduced coefficients. Moreover, a comparison of contributions form higher frequency components to the fundamental is done and shows imposingly the necessity of the novel approach.
Effective start/end date1/06/0231/10/03


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