O-EU-UltraLowDust - Next generation small-scale biomass combustion technologies with ultra-low emissions

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The UltraLowDust project aims at the demonstration of an European approach for ultra-low emission small-scale biomass combustion based on three novel technologies which cover the whole range of residential biomass heating applications. For pellet and woodchips combustion a new ultra-low emission boiler technology operating at almost zero CO, OGC and PM emissions will be demonstrated. Moreover, a new stove technology based on optimised air staging and an automated control system which shows significantly decreased PM, CO and OGC emissions compared with present stoves will be introduced. For PM emission reduction in old and new logwood boilers, old stoves as well as boilers for non-wood biomass fuels, a new ESP system will be demonstrated. These three technologies shall after successful demonstration define a new state-of-the-art regarding reswidential biomass combustion.
Effective start/end date1/01/1131/03/14


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