P3Power - Plug&Play Storage of Photovoltaic Power

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The patented measurement technology NetDetection System is able to detect and quantify the power consumption within a household (of one phase Lx) from any measurement point, most likely a regular Schuko socket. Based on this technology plug&play storage systems that can be installed by simply plugging it in can be realized. The system will be able to realize 100% electricity consumption within an aggregation of households in the simplest possible way, independent of the size of the aggregation. Decentralized storage of electricity is a keystone of the energy transition. This circumstance in combination with the decreasing price trend of secondary battery cells, yields in a highly interesting market potential. Today’s systems are usually installed by specialized personnel through the power supply box. The installation is associated with certain costs, which are the reason why storage systems are only available in bigger scales. The measurement technology NetDetection eliminates these costs completely. Decentralized electricity production (via photovoltaics) and electricity storage of any size will be economical viable. For the first time, existing households in urban areas will be able to participate actively in the energy transition.
Effective start/end date1/04/1731/03/19


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