Patient Centric Drug product development and manufacturing

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In our working group Patient centric drug product development and manufacturing, we are particularly occupied with the patient-product interface of the relevant patient population. On the basis of specific patient data and individual facts, our aim is to develop pharmaceutical and technological solutions which meet the needs of those concerned in a way that can be integrated into their daily lives. To do this, we fall back on multidisciplinary records and expertise which allows us to develop cross-problem, patient-centered, medicinal product concepts. Using clinically tested methods to evaluate medicinal product concepts and a broad network of clinical partners, we investigate, select and optimize medicinal product concepts until the best possible usability within the smallest possible error margin is achieved in the patients. Medicinal product safety and effectiveness is directly supported through scientific and clinical validation of patient-centred medicinal product design
Effective start/end date1/09/1431/08/19


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