Planning, Construction and Implementing of an Oscillate Test Hall for the Testing of Large Components

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The year 1998 had our full attention for the building of the new oscillate test hall. Only by hard work, well done plans and a good cooperation with the executing firms was it possible to lead a building with an extremely high functional density in such a short time to a successful implementation. In August 1998, the phase of the proper implementation with oil filling, plant lavage and filtration began. In addition to this work, the build-up for the first tests began, whereby the concept of the on the oscillate corpus mounted nut-span emerged positively, on October 26th the first tests could be started. The work, resulting in a steady and problem free mode will hold up until the year 2000. In the range of fluid technics, the oil hydraulics lab could be commissioned as far as in WS 98/99 lab practicals could be held. For the pneumatics lab no equipment was under consideration during WS 98/99.
Effective start/end date1/01/9731/07/15


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