Planning coordination of bridge buildings (based on the Austrian law for the Coordination of Construction Activities)

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In this project the use of the Austrian law for the Coordination of Construction Activities (BGBL. I Nr. 37/1999 (BauKG) idF BGBL. I Nr. 159/2001) in bridge building for the planning period will be practically orientated presented. With it the duties of the planning coordinator, which are laid down in this law were worked out for the bridge building constructions. It will also show fundamental collective protective safety measures for special working methods (like poured-concrete construction methods and precast construction methods of bridge buildings). The end of this thesis represents an analysis of a bridge building project, in which among other things the gradual making of a safety- and health protection plan (SiGePlan) and a plan for necessary future refurbishment were practically orientated realised.
Effective start/end date16/06/0316/12/03


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