Planung UW Pongau - Consultancy in the field of grounding, equipotential bonding, the protection zone concept and lightning protection, New construction of the 380/220/110/30 kV transformer station Pongau

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The consultancy activities relate to the preparation phase for tender planning and include the specialist areas of earthing systems / earthing systems and equipotential bonding as well as a building protection zone concept and lightning protection for the new Pongau 380/220/110/30 kV substation according to the state of the art and technology applicable standards. For the protection concept of the building, operating frequency and transient events based on the specified high short-circuit power and duration are taken into account. Due to the substation situation with voltage levels 380/220/110/30 kV with the respective high short-circuit power (63/50/40 kA per 1 second) as well as the surrounding infrastructures like Fahrtrasse, existing substation and main road, extensive calculations are required for the consulting activities to prepare for electrical interference.
Effective start/end date1/10/1730/06/18


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