Polygon effect induced vibrations on electric chain hoist systems

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This thesis describes polygon induced oscillation problems as known from link-chain hoists. The mathematical descriptions concerns the chain hoist itself as well as all surrounding component resulting from mounting and lifting means. Therefore the round link chain and all non stiff components are modelled as viscous elastic elements. All equations are solved by modelling with ITI-Sim and MATLAB/Simulink. The describing parameters for the simulation models result from various analyzing methods. Most of the simulation models are validated by measuring the real effects. Furthermore non circular compensation gears for compensation of the polygon effect are investigated. Optimization between compensating gearset and polygon wheel is possible with these models. Also analysis concerning influences of number of pockets, lifting speed and load can be found in this thesis. As a result from all investigations of this thesis there is an analytical calculating method for the chain lengths at resonance. The accuracy therefore is within 5%. The modelling allows analyzing a complete chain hoist system with respect of all oscillating phenomenons.
Effective start/end date1/01/0230/11/04


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