PolyTherm - Polymer Composites for Thermally Demanding Applications

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The ever-increasing demands on microelectronic devices as well as the need for higher efficacy and improved performance of generators and transformers result in demanding operating conditions and higher temperatures in use. The materials must defy these adverse conditions in order to guarantee quality and reliability at the highest level. In the K-project "PolyTherm", the temperature developments and the associated load on the materials in the devices are to be analyzed in the simulation process. With these findings, the lifetime and reliability of electronic components can be accurately estimated. On the basis of these analyzes, suitable polymers and polymer composites are to be developed, which show the best performance in use. In order to achieve these ambitious goals, a unique consortium has formed. With six partners from the microelectronics / e-mobility sectors and high voltage technology and five universities, the K-Project "PolyTherm" combines the expertise of materials scientists, polymer chemists and electrical engineers.
Effective start/end date1/04/1731/07/21


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