POMAR 3D - Module for determining position and orientation of a mobile augmented reality-client for a real-time 3D-visualization of subsurface infrastructure lines

Project: Research project

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The project POMAR 3D is based on an Augmented Reality (AR) project called VIDENTE, which deals with the three-dimensional visualization of "subsurface city models". The end user will carry a mobile AR-based client. With the help of GPS and INS measurements the position and orientation of the handheld module will be determined and thus virtual information like supply pipelines (e.g. gas, electricity etc.) can be visualized in a real world scenario. The main result of POMAR 3D will be a module, which will be integrated with the AR-Client of the VIDENTE project. Additionally, this module meets the ergonomic issues of the setup, namely size and weight.
Effective start/end date1/09/0730/09/08


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