PreMainSHM - Preventive structural health monitoring with intelligent, interconnected sensor systems

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The project PreMainSHM aims to raise the area of preventive structural health monitoring (SHM) to a new level of networked systems. This applies not only to the networking of self-sustaining sensors and their sensor data, but also to the networking and utilization of relevant information for the building condition assessment and building management. The main aim of the project is to further develop existing components in the interaction of the various systems for exemplary application scenarios and to integrate them into a cloud-based, scalable, but also highly efficient and interoperable system. The starting point for further developments is provided by the applicants’ existing technologies as well as their existing know-how in the field of wireless sensor networks and fiber optic systems. The proposed monitoring concepts are based on a separation into passive, embeddable sensor components and exchangeable measurement electronics. The aim is to provide cost-effective, robust, embeddable sensors based on electrical measurement principles that can be calibrated if necessary, for permanent installation on the building and to combine them with distributed fiber optic sensors (DFOS) in a complete monitoring solution. In order to obtain information relevant to the building management, suitable analysis and prognosis procedures are being further developed, adapted and evaluated with the aim of on-site data cleansing and simultaneous data reduction and data fusion. In addition to model-based algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) methods are used and integrated into an interoperable software framework. The latter enables the status information to be displayed in the form of a digital twin via web user interfaces, as well as the integration of the status information in building management systems via other interfaces.
Effective start/end date1/07/2130/06/24


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