Principles of Work Scheduling

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The research project is established to develop a connection between the daily working hours and the resulting performance of the workers. The research concentrates especially on sector of bare brickwork and in this sector on the segment of bricklayers, structural workers, armouring and concrete construction. The connection should be set up by monitoring personnel body variables (pulse, blood pressure,..), the working process and its special load and exposure to the worker combined with the achieved output during the investigation. The result of this project should be the base to estimate the performance of workers in the future by setting environment variables and the daily hours of work. This new treatment of existing researches should lead to more realistic estimations than this is possible with the currently knowledge. In this research project the connection between the load and the fatigue will be determinated by the performed work and the exposureof the workers body. This results in a newer and more succeeding conclusion based on new medical knowledge. The planed amount for this research project is estimated with 36 month. The start should be in fall 2007. From then till the end of the year 2007 it is planned to bring up an information campaign to gain workers as probands. Additional this time will be used to simulate a pre-observation to make adjustments if necessary. The main investigation starts in spring 2008 with ergometer-tests. Followed by the main part of the project the on site constructions worker observation. This observation is divided in three parts which take place in spring, summer and fall and lasts 2 weeks each time. A second ergometer-test series takes place after the last on site observation. The last step of the investigation is a simulation of special working procedures in a laboratory . The evaluation of the monitored variables and the completion is planned for fall 2010.
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/01/12


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