Process orientation in organizational structures (dissertation)

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    Companies with process orientated organizational structures in general generate competition advantages by higher customer satisfaction, since typical problems of the classical organization forms are minimized. For example department thinking, many different customer interfaces or low co-ordinated department goals. For optimization reasons and lasting economical success companies do business process re-engineering and implement process orientated structures to their organization. In very many cases process organization is installed without changing existing organizational structure. This could lead usually to problems in practice and advantages of process organization are not realized. This thesis analyzes how organizational structure and process organization affect each other and asks the question whether structure-organizational regulations are necessary or not when introducing process organization. Also it is shown that businesses process re- engineering needs to analyze organizational structure too, and if necessary adapt it to the process orientated structure. Determining characteristics that have to be considered thereby is one of the main research topics of this work.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0431/07/15


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