Pulverlack - Modelling & analysis of a simulation model of the powder coating manufacturing process

Project: Research project

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An internationally active family business with 8 production sites worldwide, 3 research & development centres and a sales network in about 50 countries. The high-quality coating solutions - powder coating and digital inks for industrial printing systems - guarantee long-term value retention and are used, for example, on facades, windows, car rims, furniture, refrigerators, machines, etc. worldwide. It plans to expand the capacity of the Taicang (China) production site. With the help of a simulation, the planned powder coating production process is to be analyzed, optimization potentials identified and their effects tested by means of simulation scenarios within the scope of this joint project. General objectives: 1. creation of a simulation model based on the currently planned production process 2. identification of bottleneck processes 3. showing the effects of defined changes in the process steps on the production process
Effective start/end date1/09/1931/12/19


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