Quantification of Pollution Loads from a Combined Sewer Overflow into a Receiving Water

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Within the scope of the Austrian research project Innovative Technology for Integrated Water Quality Measurement an online sewer monitoring station has been installed at a combined sewer overflow in Graz. The main goal of this since October 2002 operated measurement station is the quantification of the overflowing pollution loads into the river Mur by means of online techniques. In this thesis all overflow events during the period from October 2002 until January 2004 were analysed. Frequency and duration of the overflow events into the receiving water and the resulting overflowing pollution loads of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) have been evaluated. Another assignment was to operate and to continuously optimize the sewer monitoring station during this period. During some overflow events parallel laboratory analysis had been made to validate the online measurements.
Effective start/end date1/06/0426/10/04


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