R-DO it Clean - R-Design and Operation of Future Cleanrooms

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Clean rooms are highly complex facilities that are the prerequisite for numerous Create manufacturing processes (semiconductors, pharmaceutical products, satellites). In these rooms extremely high quality requirements for the air in the room (particle concentration, Temperature, as well as volatile substances that interfere with processes). Furthermore Manufacturing processes must be reliable in extreme conditions (e.g., etching or annealing processes) and be operated automatically, resulting in the highest demands on the surrounding building results. The requested seminar combines lecturers from the field of building technology, the Heat and power engineering, process engineering, computer simulation, and the Employee training for the operation of cleanrooms. The overall goal is the Participants of the seminar will discover the potential that can be achieved through the integrated digitization of Cleanroom systems arise to convey. After completing the seminar, the Participants (i) opportunities of existing digital process models (e.g. Flow calculation) in the context of cleanrooms and assess, (ii) these Use and translate process models into their R & D activities; and (iii) develop innovative products in the clean room and indoor air flow sector. The didactic methods used range from classical lectures to interactive ones Elements, from the development of content in teams of two, to the exchange of results in the form of seminar papers. Furthermore, a "hands on" training of the presented models (or the software that evaluates these models). The seminar will have a central Platform (i.e., the TU Graz TeachCenter) make the digital enriched content accessible. The most important results of the seminar are (i) seminar materials, (ii) records of the seminar Lectures, as well as (iii) seminar papers, from which further co-operation projects or concrete Products can be derived. Furthermore, a guideline should be created, when and which digital tools in the cleanroom technology industry can or should be used. Last but not least, critical seminar participants should be trained by "DO it Clean", which profit from untapped potential, and benefit from current developments in the area of digitization.
Effective start/end date1/09/1929/02/20


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