RA-PPP - Innovative Algorithms for Rapid PPP

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    The project Innovative Algorithms for Rapid Precise Point Positioning (RA-PPP) is dedicated to the development of new Precise Point Positioning (PPP) algorithms to improve accuracy and performance. Todays PPP algorithms can achieve decimeter accuracy but only in case of long observation times. Furthermore this technique faces several problems (convergence time, hardware biases etc.) which shall be investigated within this project. The project consortium, consisting of four partners (two research institutions and to companies), will first review and investigate existing PPP algorithms. Based on this survey promising approaches will be further developed with respect to accuracy and convergence time. Thereby four dedicated topics will be addressed, i.e., ionospheric models for single frequency users, regional clocks, new ionosphere free linear combinations with reduced phase noise, and simulations to solve for ambiguities under special conditions. The output of these research topics will result in better performing algorithms which shall be implemented in a PPP user module. Extensive testing and analysis will conclude the project development. Furthermore recommendations for future PPP processing facilities will be given.
    Effective start/end date1/05/0931/08/10


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