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Today, minimizing CO2 emissions for the whole product life cycle and further reducing the legislative limited emission is the major goal for all technological developments, especially for the sector of mobility and propulsion. Focusing on electric propulsion as a long-term perspective, two major approaches for transition technologies towards zero CO2 emission can be identified: the use of Zero CO2 Fuels and Hybrid Propulsion Technologies. In this context, the Research Center for Low Carbon Special Powertrain (RC-LowCAP) strives for an essential contribution to the de-carbonization of small powertrains for tools and utility, personal mobility vehicle and light transport by specific research projects and knowledge transfer. This includes research for the use and impact of CO2 neutral fuels in and on hybrid and/or novel combustion engine propulsion concepts, electrified and hybridized powertrain concepts for the focused applications as well as emission reduction in real world operation and CO2 life cycle assessment investigations. The addressed applications comprise hand-held tools [1] and utility, personal mobility vehicles [2] and light transport vehicles[3]. The composition of the consortium guarantees the consolidation of international research and development competence, with a surplus of R&D potential compared to single research projects, due to conjoint research. The concentration of research interests of the participating company partners leads to the strengthening of Austria as research & development hub and as a production site, thus enabling the creation and preservation of highly qualified jobs in Austria. The research program spans 4 years and is split in three areas: “Zero CO2 Fuels”, “Hybrid & Electrification” and a strategic, cross sectional Area X.
Effective start/end date1/12/1831/05/23


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