ResearchLin-X - Development of 2 use cases for networking the pilot factories and their partners by means of a Gaia-X compliant data room

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The necessary networking of partners in a modern value chain has raised a couple of data models and data platforms but quite often they have proven to be of a more theroretical kind instead of being practical and accepted as valuable by the participants of the value chain. In the current case the developed data space AMIDS (Austrian Manufacturing Innovation Data Space) which is described and submitted with the “Innovationslabor” in parallel, is going to be checked according to its suitability. Along 2 Use Cases there will be the development and examination if and how this AMIDS turns out to provide easy access and a data secure environment and if it is well manageable when being applied on these 2 complex selections of a value chain. The higher goal is to accelerate a more sustain-able and high performing economy with this type of architecture. In order to follow the spirit of Use Cases there is the intention to present the results of the research via the infrastructures of the pilot factories via Live Demonstrations and Events. Use Case 1 is dealing with the joint process of the Co-Design and the Co-Production of a Mobile Manipulator which connects all the dislocated competencies and information via the data space AMIDS. Already in the Design Phase there has to be regarded a bunch of modern and actual sustainable product features. The current goal of research is the AMIDS to provide the access to valid standards, the specification list, the safety and security prescriptions, time tables, results of simulations and reality tests, ecologic goals and similar to all process partners. This should decisively enhance the transparency and the performance of future product designs and executions as well as its traceability. AMIDS is made for uniting all relevant and dislocated resources for this. Use Case 2 represents the integrative usage of existing and newly generated data in the real and the virtual world along the value chain of the injection moulding of plastic components. So far the mentioned data were used in an only restricted and not really integrated way. Though e.g. the CAD/CAM-linkage, the simulation of the manufacturing of mould inserts, the use of standardized part catalogues have reached a certain level of maturity, compareable solutions for other sections of the value chain are missing because of lacking data models and interfaces. So the research project of Use Case 2 is concerned with the seamless optimisation of the e.g. presetting of an injection moulding machine, CFD simulations, neural networks and relevant assistance systems. In the same way Use Case 2 forces the highly up to date goals of the product life cycle management (PLM), the optimisation of energy consumption and the carbon foot print of products and processes (PCF). Finally the value chain of this plastic component is devoted to solutions for its recycling. Within all these activities the DataSpace in the Innovation-Lab shall turn out to be the integrator of all scientific and economic entities for the delivery of best results.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/25


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