RFID Qualification Network 2. Focusing on research expertise and application.

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As a global RFID leader, Styria is very interested in further promoting the development of RFID technology, even though blue tooth low energy (BLE) technology can be used as an alternative in many use cases. The aim of this project funded by the Austrian research promotion agency (FFG) is to train employees from Styrian RFID companies in order to increase the share of value creation in the areas of systems and solutions in RFID technology. To achieve this aim, a consortium of 26 partners has designed a course programme comprising 57 courses for over 200 participants which meets the requirements of the participating companies. In addition to covering technologically relevant topics, the programme will also be geared towards applications, networking and cooperation. Projected outcomes for the project include the strengthening of employee expertise as a key factor to success, faster market access and thus a boost in competitive ability, an increase in R&D power through skill development and networking activities, as well as subsequent research projects focusing on RFID technology. The establishment of RFID1 and its continual development will result in the consolidation of targeted cooperation in this field.
Effective start/end date1/10/1430/09/16


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