RIBET - Crack detection and assessment of plain concrete tunnel linings

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The objectives of the RIBET project are to harmonize assessment of crack pattern at plain concrete tunnel linings, to establish a basis for automate crack pattern acquisition and to derive a methodology for measurement-based assessment of damage hazard. Criteria for crack pattern evaluation will be formulated, using typical crack patterns that can be assigned to particular hazard levels or condition grades. The criteria will be clearly formulated, so that they can be implemented in software application. A measurement system based on Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing will be developed for a reliable detection of cracks and movements for tunnel application. The measurement fibre technology as well as the crack detection algorithms will be adapted for application in tunnels and appropriate measurement concept will be drafted. Methodology for evaluation of uncertainties of identified crack patterns will be proposed. Algorithms for crack propagation prognosis based on measurement data will be proposed, and possible utilization of monitoring as compensation measure will be evaluated.
Effective start/end date1/06/1831/05/20


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