RoboCar - Autonomous driving technology evaluation based on a highly flexible vehicle platform

Project: Research project

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The Project RoboCar aims at a new approach in the development of autonomous driving vehicles based on the integration of an existing highly flexible prototype research vehicle as well as object recognition and vehicle control algorithms from robotic science. The prototype vehicle is driven by four independent hub motors that provide manoeuvrability and driving function far beyond automotive standards. Enhanced Know-how from robotic disciplines comprises sensor technology, navigation algorithms and the autonomous vehicle control system. With the integrated research vehicle, several autonomous driving testing scenarios will be carried out at a university campus to enable comprehensive evaluation and potential assessment of the technology. In this way, the potentials of new technological approaches are assessed and analysed by support of objective and rational evaluation of strengths and weaknesses to facilitate decision-making processes for strategic technological determinations in view of future R&D projects.
Effective start/end date1/11/1731/10/18


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