SCC - Flexible Platform for New Satellite Control Concepts on OPS-SAT

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On ESA's OPS-SAT satellite multiple experimenters can execute experiments involving software and firmware both on a flying spacecraft and in the ground control system. The problem is to ensure and prove that the OPS-SAT mission environment is really safe. This needs to be done by analysis and test. The research will critically assess the approach for ensuring mission safety in the OPS-SAT mission. It will first analyse the risks in the end to end system including the space, ground, launch, operations and experimental segments. Then it will create a strategy for minimising those risks, implement that strategy and refine it during the development phase, launch, commissioning and experimental phase. This approach will be flight tested in for at least one year to obtain feedback and recommendations for future iterations.
Effective start/end date1/07/1630/06/20


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