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The task of the division is the research on the topic of exhaust gas emissions from vehicles. The activities cover measurements on chassis dynamometers, engine test beds and injection test beds as well as the development and application of software tools for the simulation of energy consumption and emissions of vehicles with conventional and alternative propulsion systems. The software developed within the division covers engineering tools for manufacturers up to emission inventories for cities and countries for environmental monitoring issues. * Special areas - Measurement and simulation of emissions and energy consumption of vehicles - Measurements on chassis dynamomers for HDV and passenger cars and on transient engine test bed for HDV. - Detailed simulation of single vehicles, engines and auxiliaries (passenger cars and HDV) - Development of test cycles from real world driving behavior. -Simulation of emissions for local, regional and global tasks. -Research on suitability of and requirements on alternative fuels for vehicles. -Measurements on test beds for vehicles and injection systems -Durability tests -Scientific support for users and for the development of regulations -Applications for alternative fuels not assigned KP: s. untergeordnete Teilprojekte
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