SECTION: Thermodynamics and Emissions Research - Traffic & Environment

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AIMS Aim of the work area is the investigation of traffic emissions and air quality as well as alternative fuels and drives in order to develop the basis for a sustainable improvement of the quality of life. The main research areas are the measurement and simulation of traffic emissions, pollution dispersion and chemical reaction in the atmosphere. SPECIAL FIELDS OF WORK - Measurement and simulation of traffic emission and fuel consumption: * technical flows in engines, units and buildings * Microscale turbulence research - Pollution dispersion: * For complex geometry (microscale) * in flat and complex terrain (mesoscale -g) * air chemistry - Measurement of atmospheric trace-elements: * Monitoring * "open-path remote sensing" technology - Tunnel-ventilation: * Design of air supply * Fire accidents - Environmental impact studies not assigned KP: s. untergeordnete Projekte
Effective start/end date1/01/95 → …


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