Sensors4StrucInspect - Sensor Development for Built Infrastructure Inspection

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Increasing the safety, extending the lifetime and reducing the life cycle costs of transport, energy and building infrastructure through regular monitoring represents one of the most important challenges of sustainable development in our modern society. The scale of urbanization and the high energy and resource consumption of the building sector (>40% of raw material consumption, >30% of waste generation, about 30% of climate-relevant emissions worldwide) call for significant improvements in maintenance while enabling important contributions to Sustainable Development Goals 11 and 13. With the radical innovation of AI-assisted digital building inspection, the proponents have laid the foundation for a digital transformation in the construction sector and a global roll-out (world market 40 billion USD/a), namely in reinforced concrete. The success factor for this breakthrough is the substitution of AI-assisted digital inspection for conventional construction inspection. The founding consortium is extending its technological lead by advancing data acquisition technologies. Equivalency proof shall be provided for: - Completing the existing capabilities for reinforced concrete with sensory information for concrete strength and voids, and chloridization and carbonation using sensor proprietary development (P4, P5). - Expand the application field of AI-assisted digital building inspection to: + Building facades using sensor technology to detect defects in the area of the fastening of facade elements. + Steel structures through sensor technology for layer thicknesses (corrosion protection) + Wooden structures by sensor technology in the area of wood strength / wood moisture penetration by supplementing the sensor technology portfolio with technology scouting and integration on a measurement drone. Equivalency proof is provided through intensive stakeholder dialogue, as well as extensive field testing. Also a building survey hackathon as an open innovation element the technological disruption for still given development needs in the field of sensor technology respectively the carrier platform drone - the main focus - and thus ensures a corresponding growth with the worldwide roll-out of AI-assisted digital building inspection.
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/08/23


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