SimQual2023 - Competence Building Simulation

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The client is the world's leading innovator in wireless technology and the driving force behind the development, adoption and expansion of 5G. Today, the foundational technologies developed enable the mobile ecosystem and can be found in every 3G, 4G and 5G smartphone. A simulation model was created for a production site as part of a joint project. With the help of this model, the existing manufacturing process of a pilot line was analysed, optimisation potentials were identified and the effects of the planned capacity expansion were tested by means of various simulation scenarios. Within this project, competences for simulation will be trained based on the existing model General objective: 1. to build up basic competences in the field of simulation of production systems (methodical approach, abstracting, data preparation, experimentation and interpretation of results) 2. taking on specific tasks to extend and adapt the existing simulation model
Effective start/end date14/11/2213/11/23


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