Simulation, Modelling and Evaluation of optical components and networks

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Reliability of electrical and optical components in fiber and optical networks. Most of this work has been done in co-operation with Siemens München. Students at the Technical University Graz make their Diploma thesis at ICN ON OP T5 Siemens AG Munich, Germany in the field of Optical Communications. Relevant effects in Optical Networks are simulated and modelled. Since September 2003 exists an additional Cooperation with nkt-Cables in Kapfenberg. In a diploma thesis solutions for Last Mile Access will be compared to Fiber-To-The-Home Networks. Addtional COST activities support these investigations. Since 2010 co-operations with Brno University of Technology and Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik exists. Since 2018 the IHF has very tight cooperations with the competence center "Virtual Vehicle (v2c2)" within this research field (including optical simulations for lidar and communication networks in automotive applications).
Effective start/end date1/11/9931/01/29


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