Simulation of the Human Peripheral Auditory System on Multi-DSP Systems

  • Weiß, Reinhold (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Mathis, Claudia (Co-Investigator (CoI))

Project: Research project

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Fast simulation of the human peripheral auditory system is fundamental to applications like speech recognition systems or the evaluation of audio-coding systems. Fast simulation also allows for extensive investigations on the peripheral auditory system in reasonable time and, therefore, it is important to the modeling process of the peripheral auditory system itself. The simulation is based on a functional non-linear model. Its kernel function is the frequency analysis of acoustic signals, which is realized by a bank of overlapping auditory band pass filters, so-called non-linear Gammatone filters. This model is assessed on its properties and inherent parallelisms. Experimental implementations on multi DSP systems are evaluated on its performance and real-time behavior.
Effective start/end date1/01/9631/01/01


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