Smart functionalization of inorganic particles and alternative curing techniques for composites

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(i) Identification and verification of methodologies which ensure the proper, efficent and reliable surface functionalization of inorganic particles. (ii) New techniques for particle surface modification (iii) Precise control of surface functionality and thickness of surface layers (iv) Fundamental aspects of alternative curing techniques for insulating composites (v) Feasibility of dual-cure approaches for functional composites (vi) Compatibility of functionalized fillers with radiation curing catalysts (vii) Comparison of thermal, dual-cure and radiation cured composites - fundamental level (viii) Direct comparison of epoxy and silicone based matrix resins with respect to thermal and thermomechnical properties of composites (ix) Detailed information on thermal and thermo-mechanical properties of various dielectric composites and nanocomposites
Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/16


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