Snow - Decarbonisation of Winter Tourism by Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Snowmobiles

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In order to meet the climate goals set in the Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015 and the subsequent emission targets on a global, international and national level, the consistent decarbonisation of all sectors of our economy is mandatory, e.g. in mobility and transport, for households, industry and agriculture. A clear transition from carbon-based energy sources and energy carriers towards renewable and carbon-free energy carriers is necessary. Electricity and hydrogen are the only two energy carriers that can be produced and used in an emission-free cycle. Particularly in transport and traffic, electro-mobility with batteries for short range and fuel cells for long range and fast refuelling is offering the possibility for a complete decarbonisation. The project will secure Austria’s competitiveness in this important sector of winter tourism applications.
Effective start/end date1/04/1731/03/21


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