SolTABsHigh - High solar taux de couvertures by thermally active components

Project: Research project

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In the concrete project becomes the intensive use of thermally active Components (tabs) as additional thermal loft in different buildings below a prior-ranking use of solar technologies (Thermie or PV) examines. Aim it is by the activation and use of the component immanent thermal lofts a cover of the building energy requirement with the solar technologies of almost 100% reaching. The integration of heat pumps in the systems becomes just the same evaluate like use of a geothermal energy collector under the floor plate of the building as further loft. In addition, subject of the examinations are the smoothing of Tops in the current or warmth net as well as the use of synergies in this Building combine.
Effective start/end date1/05/1430/04/16


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