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The Internet of Things revolution is ongoing but its deployment is in its inception. This revolution is based on the availability of a huge amount of information coming from the data sensed and transmitted by intelligent connected objects. The “Big Data Deluge” will be efficiently analysed and exploited creating higher levels of automation (monitoring and control from anywhere at any time to any vertical application) generating new opportunities and new ways of decision-making. The Information and Connection Technologies (including the Cloud) in conjunction with the Intelligent Connected Objects, will play an essential role in this revolution. It will completely change the society and the overall industry at all levels (design, production, exploitation, deployment, maintenance, and services). This will also strongly impact internal organizations and business models. Today, the US American industry tends to lead the "Big Data processing" side, while key players are competing all around the world in the domain of the Intelligent Connected Objects, for instance: USA [Weave from Google, Start from ATMEL, IoT Development Platform from Qualcomm], Japan [Synergy from Renesas], South Korea [Artik from Samsung], Europe [Mbed from ARM, Nucleo/Mcube from ST] and without forgetting China. It is critical for European values in security and privacy and, in general, for the European Industry, to maintain its technology influence, independence and competitiveness in front of other IoT technology providers in the rest of the world. Many research projects have been funded by the European Union concerning the higher levels of the IoT system architecture and efforts are ongoing to consolidate and coordinate the research results by giving their contribution to an IoT ecosystem through the AIOTI industrial alliance and funding the large-scale deployment of IoT technology in 5 main areas: Smart Environment for ageing well, Smart Farming, Wearable, Smart Cities, and Smart Mobility. However, these projects have not addressed in a well-structured form the IoT device/edge domain (Intelligent Connected Objects), which is the foundation of the IoT system architecture for any Smart X area. While the transition may disturb and undermine the business of many companies, raise security issues, and face real competitive challenges, it is important above all to consider intelligent connected objects as an opportunity to improve our economy and our society. With these new products, we are about to make great strides on the environment by significantly optimizing water, energy, materials, quality of life, industry, agricultural land, and agribusiness productivity, just to quote only few benefits to get from the IoT revolution.
Effective start/end date1/10/1830/09/20


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